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"Light" bedtime reading.

"Light" bedtime reading.

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London Town.

London Town.

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Getting put in the WhatsApp group of my high school friends was the biggest mistake ever. They’re all misogynistic, racist, homophobic people .. What even was I in high school :/

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Takes notes America. Instead of looking down on -developing- nations, perhaps we should ask for help.


Takes notes America. Instead of looking down on -developing- nations, perhaps we should ask for help.

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Liverpool station.

Liverpool station.

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Kuwait from the aeroplane today.

Kuwait from the aeroplane today.

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BREAKING: Unarmed 18-Year-Old African-American Teenager Vonderrick Myers Killed In South St. Louis By Off-Duty Police Officer, Whose Identity Has Not Been Released At The Moment

An off-duty city officer fatally shot a man who opened fire on him Wednesday night, police said.

Police said the uniformed officer was working a secondary job for a private security company when he encountered four pedestrians in the Shaw neighborhood and stopped to talk with them at about 7:30 p.m.

The four fled and the officer chased one, a man believed to be in his 20s, Assistant Chief Alfred Atkins said.

The man the officer was chasing jumped from some bushes and struggled with the officer, Atkins said. The man then pulled a gun and fired at the officer, Atkins said. The officer returned fire and fatally shot the man.

The officer was not injured and a gun was recovered from the scene, police said.

The officer, 32, is a six-year veteran of the police department, Atkins said.

The scene is just east of the Missouri Botanical Garden.

A crowd of dozens of people — including several who said they were relatives of the man who was shot — gathered at the scene. Some shouted at police, and some were in tears.

They said other family members who witnessed the shooting told them their relative was unarmed.

Teyonna Myers, 23, of Florissant, said the victim was her cousin, Vonderrick Myers, 18. He had a new job at a factory in Bridgeton.

“He was unarmed,” Teyonna Myers said. “He had a sandwich in his hand, and they thought it was a gun. It’s like Michael Brown all over again.”

Some of the relatives said Myers had been hit with a Taser before he was shot.

Several neighbors also gathered at the scene. Some said they were surprised by the shooting.

“This is not normal,” Dorenda Townsend, 42, who lives in the Shaw neighborhood. “I’ve lived here over 20 years.”

Some also expressed concern that the shooting involved police.

“I pray this is not another Mike Brown situation,” said Sharon Norman, 50, referring to a shooting in August in Ferguson in which a police officer fatally shot a teenager, which has prompted many protests. [STLToday]

I am so tired.

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homoeroticjahlani replied to your post “1-5 :) love youuuu eid mubarak btw”

omg ur voice is so cute and soft aw. tht was cool u gotta do tht more :) shukran eid prayer was so full so after i didnt even eat i jus came home (i dont rly like crowded places). i needa take pics b4 i get undressed lol.

I just saw this sorry! Thanks that was awkward to do though lol in case it didn’t show in my voice lol
I can’t believe people eat in the mosque! Or the centre there .. We don’t do that here, it’s just prayer and then go back home .. Different cultures different traditions I guess
Hope you had fun though!

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